Carpet Drying And Flood Services 

flood restorationWe’re ready to help with any water damage at Steam n Dry Flood Restoration Services. Our team can handle it efficiently and professionally. Delivering the aftermath of a flood needs to be done quickly to lessen the damage, and our team will always be there ASAP. We offer 24/7 emergency availability. Our family-owned and operated company has been giving complete services for water damage and more since 1987. Whether your whole property or a single flooded room, we have the machines and experience to care for it. Therefore, Our goal is to make your home look new again. We will also prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. When you experience a flood or significant leak, call Auckland Steam n Dry Flood Restoration Services.

Why Auckland Steam n Dry Carpet Flood Restoration Services?

  • We can determine the water entry source and the extent of the damage. Remove items from the property or protect them so the restoration can begin.
  • We will extract flood water using powerful pumps and truck-mounted vacuums. Water extraction quickly prevents building materials’ breakdown, mould growth, and other harmful bacteria.
  • Then, install drying and dehumidification rental equipment. Use moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to diagnose the damage. Also, it ensures that no moisture goes undetected. This equipment remains in place until the area is dry based on the daily humidity and humidity readings.
  • We will clean and sanitise affected areas using an antimicrobial product. Removed items are also thoroughly cleaned if needed. Furthermore, air-scrubbing equipment was installed to remove toxins from the air.

Usually, water and flood damage is always unexpected and deserves immediate attention. Our Flood Restoration Services can organise an emergency flood restoration team to put you at ease. 

Dehumidifier Hire And Carpet Dryer Blowers For Flood Recovery

You should never delay minimising Flood Damage, but we can deliver excellent and affordable water damage services. Doing so will reduce the risk of mould quickly developing. It will save you and your family from further damage.

Following flood damage, the priority is to return the affected property to its pre-incident condition. It includes efficiently minimising secondary damage and disruption for our Flood Restoration Services customers. Also, water or flood damage can affect your property’s structure and integrity. A Clean-up operation is no DIY option. So therefore, contact Auckland Steam n Dry Flood Restoration Services; we are an IICRC-certified standards Professional Water Damage Restoration. 



Last updated 16/2/2024 Experienced, researched, and written by  Graeme Stephens