Different Stains On Carpet

Indeed we specialise in all kinds of carpet stain removal. Hence, home is the most beautiful place where one experiences all emotions that a heart can hold.

Bleach Stain Removal

Carpet Stain RemovalWhile most bleach stains can be pretty challenging to remove, they are repairable and tricky to perform. Even so, please leave it to Carpet Cleaning Auckland to finish the job right the first time. Call us at 09 377 9044.

Blood Stain Removal

carpet blood stain removalBloodstain can be challenging to remove the longer it is on the carpet. So act fast and contact Carpet Cleaning Auckland at 09-377 9044!

Candle Wax Removal

candle-wax- carpet stain removalThe removal of candle wax from your carpet is a delicate process. Therefore, you must do everything right to retain the original carpet fibres. But we can do that in no time at Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland. Indeed, call us at 09-377 9044.

Coffee And Tea Stain Removal

coffee stain removalAccidentally spilt coffee on your carpet? Don’t let your caffeine fix destroy your lovely rug. Indeed, contact Carpet Cleaning Auckland today at 09-377 9044!

Faeces Stain Removals

faeces-stain removalsThey’re disgusting, but no job is too dirty for us at Steam n Dry Carpet Cleaning Auckland. Thus, contact us today at 09-377 9044, and we’ll remove that nasty stain.

Furniture Polish Stain Removal

furniture-polish-stain removalsFast action is essential to remove furniture polish from your carpet successfully. So act quickly and call Carpet Cleaning Auckland at 09-377 9044.

Grease Stain Removal

grease-stain-removalsDone incorrectly, cleaning off grease could destroy your carpet. So please leave it to Carpet Cleaning Auckland to get the job right for you. Call us at 09-377 9044 today.

Ink And Dye Stain Removal

ink-and-dye-stain-removalsHave you got ink and dye on your carpet? They’re easy to clean with the right tools. Contact Carpet Cleaning Auckland today at 09-377 9044 and let Carpet Cleaning Auckland take care of it.

Lip Stick Stain Removals

lip-stick-stain-removalsLipstick and blush look good on the face but never on your carpet. Call Carpet Cleaning Auckland today at 09-377 9044, and let us remove lipstick and blush stains for you.

Nail Polish Stain Removal

nail-polish-stain-removalNail polish on your carpet often needs extensive cleaning. Please leave it to Carpet Cleaning Auckland to remove that nasty stain until every trace of the nail polish disappears. Call us now at 09-377 9044!

Paint Stain Removal

paint-stain-removalsTechniques in removing paint stains differ based on the type of paint that’s spilt on your carpet. We can take care of that here at Carpet Cleaning Auckland. Call us today at 09-377 9044

Rust Stain Removal

rust-stain-removalsRust stains were caused by furniture with metal legs placed on the carpet. Colours like that need professional carpet cleaners to get the job done right. Call Carpet Cleaning Auckland today at 09-377 9044!

Shoe Polish Stain Removal

shoe-polish-stain-removalsBefore you buy a new carpet after spilling shoe polish on your current one, call Carpet Cleaning Auckland first at 09-377 9044, and we’ll remove the carpet stain for you. You’d be glad that you did.

Tear Stain Removal

tar-stain-removalsTar and substances such as road oil, grease, and asphalt are especially difficult to remove on your carpet, mainly cotton or other natural fabrics. Indeed, leave the hard work to Carpet Cleaning Auckland, and we’ll pull the stain for you. Call us now at 09-377 9044!

Urine Stain Removals

carpet urine-stain-removalsHuman and pet urine are the stains most commonly found in carpets. Call Carpet Cleaning Auckland immediately for carpet stain removal when you have a urine stain on yours. The sooner you deal with the problem, the easier to take care of it.

Vomit Stain Removal

vomit- carpet stain removalCleaning out vomit from your carpet can be a horrendous ordeal. Worse, vomit could discolour carpet fibres unless you take care of it immediately. The good thing is that we have quick and effective carpet stain removal methods.



Experienced, researched, and written by  GRAEME STEPHENS (2001 IICRC Master Technician. UPDATED 08/05/2023